Moose Peterson

Posted: June 28, 2010 in PhotoshopWorld
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I first met Moose Peterson on a 7 day cruise around the Hawaiian Islands in August of 2008.  This cruise was a seminar cruise all about Photoshop and Photography.  There were three other instructors, Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski, and Laurie Excel.  Moose is one of the most down-to-Earth individuals I have met.  He is chock full of information to help budding photographers.  Moose is so full of information; I believe someone would have to really know what to ask for in order to get answers.  However, I was such a novice that he saw several things I was doing wrong.  The main thing he pointed out to me was the way I held the camera.  Instead of holding it with my left hand under the lens, I was holding the camera from both sides.  Quite frankly, I forgot how he actually got the message across to me, but he really did it in such a way that really did bring it home. 

I will meet him again and be introduced to Joe McNally at a PhotoshopWorld pre-con that is a photo safari.  This session has an extra cost of $299 added to the price of the convention, but I feel it is well worth it.  The description on the PhotoshopWorld website is; “Explore sunny Las Vegas with noted photographers Moose Peterson and Joe McNally in this hand-on workshop aimed at teaching the latest lighting and shooting techniques. There’s no better way to learn digital photography than getting behind the camera while shooting side-by-side with these two seasoned professionals.”  I am very glad that I signed up early because this particular workshop is already sold out. 

Making this workshop, to me, is extremely important because of the growth I have had in my photography skills in the past two years.  I know I have a long way to go to be a “good photographer”, but I am making progress.  Spending 9 hours on August 30, 2010 with two seasoned veterans will do a lot to improve my skills.


Moose Peterson Helping Laurie Excel

Moose Peterson helping Laurie Excel photograph a Buddhist Monk on Maui


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