Michael Reeves

I am Michael Reeves.  Evening/Weekend Student Computer Center Supervisor at Oklahoma City Community College is my position.  I absolutely love my position in higher education.  Helping others is the best way to help myself in my opinion. Learning all I can about digital photography and Adobe Photoshop is one of my main priorities in life.  Another thing that means a lot to me is that I teach a Computer Basics for Senior Citizens here at OCCC on Saturdays in a volunteer capacity.  My wife of almost 9 years is Jennifer.  She keeps me in line in a very loving way.  Jennifer really helped me turn my life around so instead of being the one that was helped. I am now the helper.  Thank you Jennifer! 

I shoot Canon, and I currently use Photoshop CS4 Extended with the entire NIK & OnOne Suites as my plugins.  This is soon going to change to CS5.  I use a PC to do my computer work.  The only Apple software I use is my iPhone which I love.

The reason for my username is fairly obvious, but here’s an explanation.  I have 2 degrees from the University of Oklahoma, hence the Sooner part.  I love watching my NASCAR each and every Sunday.  I follow Dale Earnhardt Jr., hence the 88.  There are a few other drivers I like as well as two or three I hope crash each week.


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