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Scott Kelby’s wit along with his strong communication skills allow him to teach in a manner that is very entertaining.  The sound system malfunctioned at one of his presentations that I witnessed at PhotoshopWorld in 2007.  His quick thinking and humorous reactions while continuing to thoroughly educate the subject matter, kept the audience in stitches.  This allowed the group to forget they/we were learning because we were having so much fun doing it.  That said, I teach the same way I witnessed him instruct that day.  It is inevitable that you will run into problems while teaching computer classes because something will go wrong.  Any time I have a problem whether it’s something I did or a computer glitch, I turn it into a fun experience for my class.  I get them to laugh at my expense, but they get the idea that it’s okay to make mistakes.

Scott’s books are written the same way.  I absolutely hate reading the average text book especially if it is of a technical nature.  Since I teach computer classes at Oklahoma City Community College, I have read a lot of books that will, quite frankly, bore you to sleep.  However, Scott’s books are written in a fashion that keeps the reader or student entertained while they are learning.  I fully understand that some folks do not like the humor.  You can see this with some of the comments for his books written into sights like Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  But, comments that state they like his wit & humor far outweigh the negative ones.  And, since he is #1 in photography book sales worldwide, he must be doing something right.

I could go on and on about the positive way this man has influenced my life, but enough is enough. 

The image that I have put into this post is a before and after of a young woman of which I took senior pictures.  The retouching is a combination of Scott Kelby, and Vincent Versace techniques.  Fixing the skin blemishes, the hair, and the lips & eye color are Scott’s techniques.  The lighting and blurring were from Vincent’s session at PhotoshopWorld last September in Vegas.  

Be sure to click on the image for a high-resolution full-size image to really see the details.

Megan Before and After


Hi I’m Mike Reeves

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I am completely ate up with learning more about photography. Each and every day I read the blog of Scott Kelby in an attempt to see what is new and “HOT” in the world of photography and Adobe Photoshop. If you don’t know, Scott Kelby is the founder of National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). I joined NAPP in December of 2006. I feel I have learned more about photography in the last 3 1/2 years than I did in the previous 40+ years.
NAPP’s bi-annual conference, PhotoshopWorld, will be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV from September 1-3, 2010.
I hope to bring some real ideas in the months and years to come and help others gain the passion I have for photography and Photoshop. While doing this I would hope others can learn from me.

The photograph is of an A10 Warthog taken at the Star Spangled Salute in Oklahoma City’s Tinker Air Force Base on Sunday, June 20, 2010. The only adjustments were some RAW adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw from Photoshop CS4 Extended. After it opened in Photoshop, I used NIK Software’s Color Efex Pro 3.0 Tonal Contrast at the default settings.

A10 Warthog from the OKC Air Show 2010